A+O launched in November of 2017 when I had just turned 16. Although my jewellery making journey started in 2015, I was curious about making jewellery, specifically earrings. I soon realised the whole industry of jewellery making was so boring, no one wanted to have fun with it. I started to experiment with different party toys and charms and which soon exploded into A+O. I started to sell on depop and eventually getting bigger and bigger I decided it was time to officially open a store! I've worked extremely hard on making A+O a space/platform where style is individual and valued.

It's a one women show around here, everything is made by yours truly! Female and queer owned! But we have lots of lovely helpers (especially for events). I am truly so grateful for the growth of A+O and the love it receives on the daily. Thank you so much!

Lots of love,

Ella xo